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For end-of-line solutions!

Over 25 years of providing the highest quality in end-of-line automated and robotic solutions to manufacturing facilities and distribution centers worldwide!  

A team of 120 passionate idea developers specialized in solving complex technical challenges through innovative, automated and robotic solutions. A unique expertise acquired through an impressive number of integrations. Solutech International will take on any of your palletizing, wrapping or material handling challenges. 

Worldwide production facilities dedicated to the production of palletizing, wrapping and material handling equipment with the unique capacity to develop and host full scale end-of-line solutions!

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Protecting our Supply Chain

End-of-line automation provides the greatest contaminant and viral protection to products while it proves to be a safer solution to protect employees, customers and communities. End-of-line automation reduces COVID-19 risks associated with human transmission, surface contamination or cross-contaminations throughout the numerous stages of our supply chain and distribution.

End-of-line Automation

& Robotic Solutions

Solutech International specializes in the design, the production and system integration of the highest quality in end-of-line equipment.  A unique expertise in the development of customized automated or robotic solutions in palletizing, wrapping and material handling.



Material handling

Machine Safety

Machine safety standards have become an important component and a priority in manufacturing environments where automated and robotic equipment carry motions which could represent a danger to the workforce in the absence of such safety initiatives.

Solutech International is a recognized leader in Machine Safety with extensive expertise developed through its own manufacturing facilities and with a long list of system integration projects carried out in a wide range of industries.

Solutech International designs, manufactures and integrates end-of-line systems using the highest safety standards and risk assessment protocols to ensure the safest working environment for operators and other employees of your workforce. 

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Solutech International has developed a unique expertise in end-of-line automated and robotic solutions. Over 25 years of taking on complex system integration challenges and creating solutions using and building the highest quality equipment on the market. 

Let us know what your end-of-line challenges are. Our experienced engineering team feeds on beating challenges. Whether you are looking for a stand alone pallet wrapper or an integrated material handling solution, let us know about your challenges. Together we will make it happen!

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