Automated and Robotic Solutions

End-of-line Excellence in Performance!

End-of-line solutions and their applications are all unique. While automation and robotics have been used in production processes for many years, product preparation has remained a labor intensive function which is now opting for technologies that are versatile and cost efficient..

With over 25 years of experience as a manufacturer of innovative end-of-line equipment, Solutech International has developed a 3 step program designed to ensure that every end-of-line equipment, every solution and every system integration delivered and installed exceeds our customers’ expectations through excellence in every aspect of their experience with us.

Based on our unique international expertise in automated and robotic end-of-line systems, End-of-line Excellence in Performance provides a systemic 360 model which involves all stakeholders in order to maximise the impact of our systems on your activities. Technical, commercial, financial, operational, internal or external, stakeholders’ involvement is at the base of our international success.

Your Goals

Listening and understanding

Preparing products for distribution represents a different challenge from one company to another. Product specific characteristics such as size, weight or atypical formats will influence options and directions suitable for any efficient end-of-line solution.

Solutech International has developed, through End-of-line Excellence in Performance, an expertise in Involving and Listening to stakeholders’ requests and concerns thus identifying needs and expectations from all project-related angles which provides for an in-depth understanding of each participant’s reality.

While traditional business models rely on intuitive market assessments as a way of understanding customer needs, our team of End-of-line solution experts will perform on-site interviews of stakeholders according to our End-of-line Excellence in Performance program guidelines. Stakeholders’ interviews results are brought together, analyzed and channeled through your business environment, your industry, competitive practices, legal, environmental considerations and are then rolled into your corporate goals to ensure compliance to your end-of-line excellence in performance.

Creating Solutions

Once needs and goals are defined, recognized and supported by stakeholders, our team of end-of-line solution development will get to work! End-of-line automated and robotic solutions are designed to increase product preparation throughput capacity while reducing risks associated with labor handling of materials thus creating a safer workplace as recognized under OSHA guidelines. End-of-line automated and robotic solutions provide calibrated and uniform protection to your products and reduces the risks associated with handling and transport related damages, thus supporting your commercial and customer satisfaction efforts.

Solutech International has developed a unique expertise in the design of simple to highly complex end-of-line solutions. End-of-line Excellence in Performance provides our team of designers with a 360 comprehension of stakeholders’ expectations, requirements and needs. End-of-line solutions are designed, developed and manufactured with your specific goals in mind. Creating innovative technologies for your specific end-of-line needs provides unique competitive advantages that play a major role in your distribution reliability and customer satisfaction.

Your Satisfaction

Solutech International has been solving end-of-line challenges and creating automated and robotic solutions for manufacturers and distribution centers for over 25 years. Your satisfaction is our driving force!

End-of-line Excellence in Performance supports innovative and creative efforts inspired by your stakeholders’ needs and expectations. Automated and robotic solutions developed, manufactured and integrated since the introduction of our End-of-line Excellence in Performance program has elevated and maintained customer satisfaction levels to 100% over the years.

Our integration and support teams provide on-site and on-line assistance and training with the highest level of technical expertise of the industry. With three production facilities dedicated to end-of-line equipment and solution manufacturing, Solutech International provides a fully integrated structure which guarantees delivery commitments with the highest quality standards as recognized by international customers for over 25 years.

Success stories

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